The Buried Life Helps Me Become A Better Activist

If you don’t know who The Buried Life boys are, you’re missing out. Just think of them as the go-to guys for achieving all your dreams.

After all, they really want to know: “What do you want to do before you die?”

When MTV premiered “The Buried Life” in 2010, I was hooked. Four good-looking guys and a do-good tie-in? That’s my kind of reality show.

They’ve played basketball with Obama, helped deliver a baby and landed a TV show on MTV. They agreed that for every item they crossed off their list, they would help someone cross an item off of theirs.

So who else would I turn to when coming up with my New Year’s resolutions? Here’s how The Buried Life is inspiring me to become a better activist in 2013:

+Embrace the Open Road

I might not have a purple RV nicknamed Penelope, but I do have access to a car and some gas money. This coming year, I want to hit the road and support my favorite causes wherever they are. First stop? TWLOHA’s HEAVY AND LIGHT tour.

+Help a Stranger

I’m going to take a page out of The Buried Life’s book and help a stranger achieve his or her dreams. Through sites like Kiva, I can loan a small amount to strangers to help them start their businesses.

+Do Something Crazy

I might not be up for streaking or crashing a party at the Playboy Mansion, but I can certainly follow Shay Mitchell’s lead and do something bold to help my favorite cause. I’ll keep you all posted on when I plan to jump out of that plane (or, you know, run that Tough Mudder).

We want to know: what’s on your list of resolutions? What would you ask Duncan, Dave, Jonnie and Ben to help cross off your list?

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Buy The Buried Life Book

Buy The Buried Life Book

Buy TBL book and start planning your bucket list.

take action

Help a Stranger With a Loan

Help a Stranger With a Loan

Learn more about Kiva and give a loan to someone in need.