The Best Pro-Social Moments From The 65th Emmy Awards

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

Last night was the 65th Emmy Awards, where it was all about glitz and glamor. But what really made it shine for us were all the awesome pro-social moments worth remembering.

+ Girl Power & Teachers


Gail Mancuso is only the second woman to win for best directing in a comedy series, so we want to give her a big round of applause for putting some serious girl power on the Emmy map with her win for “Modern Family”. We also loved how she gave a shout-out to her great teachers, including one who really helped her self-esteem.

+ Being Yourself


Elton John gave a live performance of his new song “Home Again.” While he did it in honor of pianist and singer Liberace, Elton also said that the song is about being yourself. Sir Elton is a big supporter of LGBTQ rights, as well as the fight against AIDS, which is the disease Liberace lost his life to.

+ Emmy Diversity


Diahann Carroll was the very first African-American to be nominated for an Emmy, and you could tell the audience last night was honored to be in her presence. While Carroll did some joking (she seemed to like the men there, but, I mean, who didn’t?) and praised the luminous Kerry Washington, she also talked about the important changes that have happened in the Emmys, and how the award show has become much more accepting of diversity over the years.

+ Help With Addiction

The Emmys stopped to give respect to multiple talents we lost in the last year. One example of this was when Jane Lynch stepped up to speak about former “Glee” cast mate Cory Monteith. She spoke about what a great guy he was and also touched on the difficult nature of addiction. If you or someone you know might be struggling with addiction, you can always check out Half of Us for help.

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