The 5 Most Memorable Moments From LOGO’s Trailblazers Awards

From the marvelous cathedral, to the room filled with LGBT pioneers, LOGO’s Trailblazers Awards was a show not to be missed. The evening began with a powerful intro which highlighted the important LGBT history that has this night possible. As we celebrate all the gains in the LGBT community, it is important to look back and honor those who worked tirelessly so that we all might have better futures.

Here are top moments from the show:

+ Demi Lovato Introduces Us To The Trailblazer In Her Life

Demi took the stage and opened up about her grandfather being gay. She said, “My grandfather was a trailblazer. He was brave enough to come out in the 1960’s. I feel a lot of my spirit comes from him.” To us, Demi is also a trailblazer. Not only is she an ally to the LGBT community, she has inspired so many young fans to embrace their flaws, and own their unique stories. Her vulnerability has spearheaded so many important conversation the past few years, and we will forever admire that.

+ Watch Demi Lovato’s Powerful Speech

+ Laverne Cox Schools Us

Laverne is a trailblazer in so many ways, and a hero in the LGBT community. She has sky-rocketed to fame from her role on “Orange Is The New Black”, and dedicated her time to raising awareness and breaking apart stereotypes within the transgender community. In her speech she spoke about the history of Stonewall, and the battle early transgender activists fought so that she may stand at the podium tonight.

+ Watch Laverne Cox Give A History Lesson

+ Bill Clinton Honors Edie Windsor

Good ole President Clinton even chimed in to the event! He praised the end of DOMA, and the important work Edie Windsor and Roberta Kaplan did to take down the law. Bill stated, “As I said last year… DOMA is contrary to the principles of a nation that honors freedom, equality and justice above all—and is in fact incompatible with our constitution,” he states in the message below. “But the decision we celebrate today would not have happened without Edie Windsor’s dogged determination to right a wrong and Roberta Kaplan’s equal commitment to simple fairness.”

+ Watch Bill Clinton Discuss DOMA

+ We Honor Young Trailblazers

Seriously, how impressive/ inspiring were these young trailblazers who were honored? Their stories are filled with hope, courage, and bravery making them one of my fave most memorable parts of the night. One in particular who caught my attention was Jazz, who is the epitome of a LGBT hero. One line that really stood out to me was when she said, “Being transgender doesn’t mean I am bad, it just means I am different.”

+ Jared Leto’s Hair

I mean, lets be honest this doesn’t even need much explanation. Just stare and admire those locks. It wouldn’t be an award show without them!