[CONTEST] Share Your Love Is Louder Statement With ‘Teen Wolf’ Tyler Posey

Photo: (MTV)

Tyler Posey, theTeen Wolf,” wants you to get loud. Like, howlin’ at the moon, loud. And you might just win a cool prize pack!

Love is Louder is a movement that reminds teens nationwide that love is stronger and more powerful than any painful punch, snide remark, or hurtful taunt. It reminds us that if we keep spreading positivity, the negativity will eventually fade and the love will prevail.

To help spread good vibes worldwide, we’re holding a Facebook contest featuring our main man wolf, Tyler Posey. Tyler provided us with a photo, and now it’s your turn to provide us with your own “Love is Louder than” caption via Facebook. The sky is the limit, so get typing and let those creative juices flow. (Check out Demi Lovato’s answer for some inspiration!) Check out the deets below:

+ WATCH: Tyler Posey shares our Love Is Louder contest details

There are two ways to win:

+ GRAND PRIZE: Be creative and come up with a Love is Louder caption that we can use with Tyler’s photo! The person with the catchiest phrase will win the Grand Prize: Teen Wolf shirt signed by Tyler Posey, Love Is Louder shirt and Love Is Louder headphones. PLUS, Colton Haynes will follow you on Twitter! The winning phrase will also be featured on the MTV Act Facebook page’s Timeline photo.

+ PEOPLE’S CHOICE PRIZE: Get your friends to like your entry! The most popular entry wins the People’s Choice Prize: Teen Wolf shirt signed by Tyler Posey and a Love Is Louder shirt!

Be sure to check out the complete rules, and take action below to enter.

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