‘Teen Wolf’ Fandom, The Sterek Campaign, Provides Food + Medical Costs For 48 Wolves

Photo: (Getty, MTV Act)

Photo: (Getty/MTV Act)

While many hardcore fans spend their time obsessing over celebrities and sending hate Tweets to the competition, a group of “Teen Wolf” enthusiasts has come together to do good.

The Sterek Campaign — a fandom created out of love for “Teen Wolf” characters Stiles and Derek — recently adopted 48 animals at Wolf Haven International. They’re an inspiring example of what fans can do, and we just had to catch up with them to find out what makes them so special.

MTV ACT: You guys raised DOUBLE your goal and donated $10,000 to Wolf Haven International! How many wolves did you adopt?

STEREK: We were able to raise enough to adopt all 43 wolves and 5 wolfdogs housed at the Wolf Haven International sanctuary. The money is going towards food and medical costs for the wolves, but we also raised enough to allow the sanctuary to build a deck pen (a structure which allows them to safely introduce wolves to one another for social housing). Way to go, Pack!

ACT: What do you think it is about the Sterek Campaign that motivates its members to do so much good in the world?

STEREK: Our fandom wasn’t formed with anything but love in mind, and we think that reflects strongly in the people who choose to join us. The fans of Sterek — and of “Teen Wolf” in general — already have a lot of love, and they’re prepared to share it, so we don’t think we’ve given them any motivation they didn’t already have. We’ve just given them a trustworthy, organized way to go about sharing that love and doing some good.

ACT: What’s the Sterek Campaign’s next charitable move?

STEREK: Well, “Teen Wolf” will be starting again in June, so we are currently wrapping up this round of our campaign to allow the show’s third season to take the stage. We fully intend to run the Wolf Pack Charity Project as an annual event starting in December of 2013.

ACT: How can other fandoms come together to create a positive movement like yours?

STEREK: Our advice to anyone that wants to start a positive movement within a fandom is to just do it! It may sound trite, but movements start with someone moving, someone with an idea taking that first step forward and saying “okay, let’s get this done.” For us, that was our founder Qhuinn. Hopefully there will be others like her for other fandoms.

ACT: What are your hopes for the 3rd season of “Teen Wolf”?

STEREK: Obviously as a campaign we are hoping to see more Stiles and Derek interaction, especially the developing of their characters. Development for all of the characters would be awesome as well. We hope that Scott will find some steady footing to allow him to come into his own as a werewolf and a leader, and that Allison has an intense redemption journey ahead of her. We are very excited to meet the new characters that are being introduced, as well as to explore the new settings. In all, we hope that season 3 will be as jam-packed with drama and excitement as the previous two seasons.

Take action below to learn more about the Sterek Campaign and how you can get involved! And special thanks to all the “Teen Wolf” fans behind the Sterek campaign: Qhuinn, Kedreeva, Michael, Nika, Sam, Kara, Suaine and Chasing.

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Join The Sterek Campaign

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Save The Wolves!

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