Teachers, Students Weigh In On Using ‘Teen Mom’ And ’16 & Pregnant’ In Schools

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We already know that “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” are impacting the way young girls see pregnancy: tough, trying and not at all glamorous. Research shows that it’s quite likely that the show is in part responsible for declining teen pregnancy rates and that the love these moms have for their children comes hand in hand with the act of trying to balance motherhood, school and relationships, something teen mom Maci calls “very mentally exhausting.”

Now an article in the New York Times claims that teachers are picking up on the power of pop culture and incorporating show storylines and themes into sex education curricula. Instead of dated textbooks and embarrassing graphs, educators can have real conversations about what teens are actually thinking about, talking about and experiencing.

We want to know how you feel about it. Are the shows sparking dialogue with your friends or in your classrooms or–gasp!–with your parents? Does the show strike a chord with you or affect how you feel about parenthood or safe sex? Leave comments here or on the New York Times article to give your POV a voice. We’ll be keeping an eye on the boards to see what you have to say.

Although we love “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” your pregnancy prevention education shouldn’t end with our shows. MTV’s It’s Your (Sex) Life campaign has more resources on sexual health and contraception. Check out the site and make sure to share what you learn with your friends.

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Comment on the NYT post

Comment on the NYT post

The NY Times wants to know what you think about the impact 'Teen Mom' and '16 & Pregnant' has had on you.