3 Places Party Crasher Taylor Swift Should Make A Surprise Appearance

When it comes to meet-and-greets, Taylor Swift definitely knows how to treat her fans. Way back in 2007, Swift met super-fan Gena Gabrielle at a meet-and-greet, and flash-forward 7 years, and Swift stopped by the girl’s bridal shower!

Photo: (Gena Gabrielle/Yahoo)
We love that the young star showed up with a “basket chockfull of kitchen goodies that included a KitchenAid stand mixer and Le Creuset pots” just to make one fan happy.

Here are three more things T. Swift could do to make her fans happy:

+ Help Fans Find Their Perfect Pets

Taylor’s relationship with Meredith, her cat, is one of the most important things in her life, so it makes sense she could help her fans find furry companions of their own. Whether she partners with a local shelter to help fans or teams up with an organization like the Best Friends Animal Society, she’d be the perfect person to bring her fans together with their new feline friends.

+ Perform with Fans at High School Talent Shows

Imagine this: you’re in your high school auditorium, and the next act is setting up to perform in your school’s annual talent show. Before the set starts, however, a leggy blonde walks onstage, picks up a guitar, and you realize – gasp! – it’s T. Swift! If Swift can show up to a bridal party to make someone’s day, then she can certainly pop over to a high school one afternoon to help her fans rock their event.

+ Give Impromptu Guitar Lessons

Sure she might not have much free time, but how great would it be if Swift took one afternoon a month to teach her fans how to play guitar? She could set up shop in a local guitar shop or just hang out in a part and invite people to bring their instruments for an impromptu jam session.

No matter what T. Swift does next, no one can criticize her dedication to her fans. Check out the action widgets below to see which causes the star supports.

Photo: (Gena Gabrielle/Yahoo/Getty)

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