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Gaga Is Back As Well As Katy, Britney + Prince

Lady Gaga may be one of the most anticipated VMA performances, but she’ll have to share center stage with 2013 comebacks. Three other members of pop royalty have albums coming out this year, and they each pack a pro-social punch. Here’s why this year couldn’t sound any better.

2 years ago

5 Celebs Werkin’ The National Anthem!

The 4th isn’t just about fireworks, family and fun — it’s about feelin’ the love for our great country! Thus, we rallied our fave celebs who have sung the National Anthem through the years!

2 years ago
Oprah Winfrey

Who Run Forbes 2013 Most Powerful Celebrity List? Girls!

“Who run the world? Girls!” Forbes just released its list of 2013’s most powerful celebrities, and leading the pack are Oprah (duh), Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres. The female-dominated top 10 is totally awe inspiring, but we’d like to add a few more amazing ladies to the list.

2 years ago

Are High Heels Bad For Lady Gaga (And You)?

I’m pretty sure the phrase “Beauty is pain” was first spoken in reference to high heels. I know this because, after a wild night out with my friends, my feet tend to have a worse hangover than my head does. But, outside of the ache from twerking all night, are high heels reallllly bad for us? It turns out they are. I’m talkin’ to you, Lady Gaga!

2 years ago