Sweet Tweet: Star In A Phillip Phillips Video While Saving the Music

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Phillip Phillips is making a new music video for his song “Gone, Gone, Gone,” and YOU have a chance to be in it. And, yes, it gets even better: You’ll be helping music education while you’re at it.

The “Home” singer Tweeted:

80% of school districts are underfunded, and this can often lead to cutting out music education because it’s seen as nonessential. SAY WHUT? We all know that music education is not only a great creative outlet for students, but it can also help them get higher grades in other subjects.

So Phillip, DoSomething.org and VH1’s Save the Music Foundation have joined up for Band Together. The campaign has a petition for you to sign, but that’s not all. They’re making a music vid that’s designed to show the importance of music and how much we love it. And guess what? You have a chance to be part of it!

Phillip’s gonna be posting video challenges on Twitter and the Band Together site. This week’s challenge, for example, is all about making a beat by clapping, stomping, bouncing a basketball or whatever else you want to do. Have fun, get creative, then record your results and upload them to YouTube. The weekly challenges will go on for six weeks and then some of the clips will be chosen for Phillips’ “Gone, Gone, Gone” music vid.

Photo: In a perfect world we would insert a bunch of Emoji clapping hands right now. (YouTube)


So get ready for your 15 minutes — you just might end up more famous than Zach Stone. And let’s not forget the end goal behind this campaign: None of us wants to see music education become “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

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