Sweet Tweet of the Day: Sara Bareilles Strums Up Some Thanksgiving Spirit

Photo: (Getty Images)

Sara Bareilles has been pretty busy lately with her judging duties on NBC’s “The Sing-Off” — an intense acapella competition that’s like watching real-life “GLEE” Nationals every episode  — but even with the season coming to an emotional end, she still found some time to strum up some Thanksgiving spirit:

As an accomplished female singer-songwriter and former member of UCLA’s Awaken A Cappella group, Sara is all about spreading the musical love.  So it makes sense that she’s teamed up with Wear Your Music’s Guitar String Bracelet Charity Project and chosen to support the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles — a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls through music education.

Other artists — including Avril Lavigne, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and more – are also donating their spent strings to help out worthy causes of their choice.

We’re loving this well-tuned wrist flair – so put them on your Christmas wish list and wear your care!

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