Sweet Tweet: Nick Lachey Gets Charitable For The Price Is Right

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“The Price Is Right” will be awash in stars for their second annual Celebrity Week (begins on Monday, February 18), where celebs like Nick and Drew Lachey, Demi Lovato and more will be using the popular game show as a way to make money for their fave charities.

Nick is ready and roaring to go do some good with his “Dancing with the Stars” bro, and he Tweeted:

Normally winners of “The Price Is Right” keep the money themselves, but whatever the celebs raise will go to their charity of choice. The Lachey brothers will be starting the Celebrity Week, followed by NeNe Leakes raising for Saving Our Daughters, Sharon Osbourne working for The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program, and NBA Hall of Fame inductee Charles Barkley backing The Mustard Seed School. Demi Lovato will finish off Celebrity Week Friday on February 22 by playing “The Price is Right” for Free the Children.

Camp Joy is all about giving disabled and underprivileged kids a chance to have a super fun camp experience, and Drew knows it well. Back before he went big in 98 Degrees, he was a sixteen-year-old working as a camp counselor there. Since then he’s become a board member, fundraiser and spokesman — and now an official “The Price is Right” game-player for good! Getting half the guys of 98 Degrees together might not be the same as getting the whole group (the band will be performing together this summer) but this does give you a chance to see what the Lachey boys can do for a good cause.

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