Sweet Tweet: Mandy Moore Takes A Stand Against Bullying By Supporting New Film

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The new movie “Bully” is all a buzz on the interwebs, thanks to the online support of celebrities, students, politicians and anti-bullying advocates across the board. On Tuesday, Mandy Moore promoted the highly-anticipated documentary, which hits theaters this Friday in New York and Los Angeles, and asked her followers to join her in taking a stand for all the kids that endure bullying on a daily basis. She wrote:

“Bully” follows several students across the country and their struggle with the heavy impact of bullying. While many school systems attempt to combat the problem, kids are still victimized on a daily basis. In the film, you can’t but wonder if schools are doing their best to combat bullying. You really feel for the families too.

Originally rated R, “Bully” has faced its fair share of controversy. Over 500,000  supporters rallied for the film by signing online petitions to make sure it can be seen by as many young people as possible. Maude Apatow, daughter of funny dude Judd, said it best on Twitter:

However now that it’s unrated, the movie may not be carried in as many theaters as possible. That’s why it’s important for everyone who wants to help stop bullying to take action simply by watching the film!

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Go see

Go see "Bully"

Get a group together -- fam, friends , frenemies, whoever -- to watch "Bully" together!

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