Sweet Tweet: Mandy Moore Adopts The Cutest Kittens Ever

Photos: (Getty, Twitter)

Photos: (Getty, Twitter)

Husband and wife Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore recently adopted two kitties named Addison and Maddie, and Mandy knows a free way that you can join her in helping animals.


Photo: Ryan and Mandy with their new kitties! (Twitter)

The singer and actress often uses her Twitter account to promote pro-social issues, and after giving us some adorbs pics of her new babies, she Tweeted:

Mandy and Ryan got their latest kitties (they’ve got four cats and two dogs now!) from LA Animal Rescue, but Santé D’Or Foundation must have made a good impression when they adopted there before. Of course monetary donations are always helpful for any shelter (including your local one), but if you’re unable to donate, Mandy knows just the thing. Santé D’Or is in the running to possibly win $15,000 of pet food and supplies, and that’s where you come in.


Photo: Awwwww! How cute are Addison and Maddie?!! (Twitter)

Just “like” Kriser’s Pet Page on Facebook, click on the “SoCal” application bar (it’s up by the top!) and cast your vote! Other animal welfare groups are also in the running for this prize, and while we all know which place Mandy wants to win, it’s ultimately up to you which place you vote for. The money will help wherever it goes, and you can vote once a day until July 22.

While you’re waiting to learn the results, you could also volunteer with Santé D’Or, LA Animal Rescue or your local animal rescue group. If you need some inspiration, just take another look at Mandy and Ryan’s new cats. Awww times a milli.

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Santé D’Or Foundation

Santé D’Or Foundation

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