Sweet Tweet: Leighton Meester Wants To End F**cking

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What the frack? You’ve probably heard the term “fracking” in the news lately, and a lot of people aren’t happy about it. Fracking refers to hydraulic fracturing and is a way to get natural gases out of the earth by pumping a ton of water, sand and chemicals underground. There are all kinds of environmental problems that arise from this, and it can also affect your drinking water, making it unsafe. Leighton Meester went on Twitter to talk about fracking and linked to a video she’s part of — along with Adrian Grenier, Zoë Kravitz, and more:

Not everyone is against fracking, though. People who support it say that it creates jobs and could possibly give us energy independence. People against fracking point out water pollution, the fact it can help bring about earthquakes, and that even if there are some benefits to fracking, they’re only short-term benefits with long-term problems. On top of that, companies don’t have to name what chemical they pump into the earth, so who knows what might end up in a person’s drinking water? Don’t be surprised if #DONTFRACK becomes a trending topic in the Twitterverse..

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Fracking FAQ's

Fracking FAQ's

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