Sweet Tweet: Lance Bass Wants You to Watch the Presidential Debate Tonight

Photo: (Getty)

Are you ready and raring to watch the first presidential debate? Lance Bass is, and he wants to make sure you’ll watch the debate, too!

Lance Tweeted:

Just to make it clear, he Tweeted that yesterday, so the debates are TONIGHT. It’s going to be live on a bunch of channels, including CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC, and it’ll also be livestreaming on different sites like YouTube. Sooo…. pretty hard to miss. The debate is gonna start at 9/8c and go on until 10:30/9:30c, so it’ll be an hour and a half of old fashioned political contending.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are going to be talking about domestic policy. Details and numbers tend to get thrown out during these debates, and if you follow @MTV on Twitter, there will be live Tweeting to give you fact checks and more info on what Obama and Romney are saying. So if Obama makes a statement about say, unemployment and mentions a statistic to back it up, @MTV will confirm whether or not that stat is legit!  Think of it as your own super-helpful political translator that works in 140 characters or less.

There’s more to come: the vice presidential debate will be on October 11 and will cover foreign and domestic policy. And we sure as well can’t wait to tune in to see colorful Joe Biden battle it with hunky Paul Ryan. Who’s gonna get served?! Obama and Romney are back at it on October 16 to talk about domestic and foreign policy as well, and then the last debate between them` will be on October 22 and they’ll tackle foreign policy and nothing else. The debates will always be at 9/10c, so that part’s easy to remember!

So plop down in front of the TV, or set your DVR, or watch it stream on the Internet, but make sure you tune in!  I MEAN it is a one-in-four-years event like the Summer Olympics (sans Ryan Lochte).