Sweet Tweet: Kristen Bell Wants To Protect Kids From Crime


Kristen Bell recently shared the fact fruitcake can save puppies’ lives (yup, you heard her) and now she’s been on Twitter to talk about budget cuts that could really hurt kids — and adults — living in Michigan.

Ms. Bell Tweeted:

At the beginning of next month, the Internet Crime Unit for Wayne County (which includes Detroit) is being shut down. Kristen’s link explains, “In doing so, the Michigan Internet Crimes Against Children task force will lose many highly qualified detectives, increasing the workload for the various local, state, and federal agents who are already facing a backlog. It is impossible to know how many lives this political move could impact.”

So what exactly does the Internet Crime Unit do? The unit’s corporal Erin Diamond explained, “Any type of crime that touches digital evidence we handle. From homicides to missing kids, to human exploitation, under-aged prostitution, to deed fraud — a big problem in Wayne County, stealing people’s houses — we take care of all that.” In other words, it covers a lot of ground, and handles some serious crimes people really care about. But because of the budget, and because the Internet Crime Unit isn’t mentioned in the county charter (which would have been written, you know, before the Internet) the unit is going bye-bye. Kristen brings up the kids it will hurt, but this will hurt adults, too. It’s not too late to make some noise and say you don’t agree with these cuts, and Kristen’s link makes it easy for you to speak up.

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