Sweet Tweet: Kerry Washington Is All About January 19 aka National Day of Service

Photo: (Getty)

If you’re ready to see history in the making, the Presidential Inauguration is happening on January 21. President Obama has also called for it to be a National Day of Service on January 19, and Kerry Washington is excited to take part.

The “Django Unchained” actress Tweeted:

Her link explains that the Obama family started this Day of Service tradition back in 2009, and is asking people to do service work. If you want, you can sign up for more info, like what service events are in your area. You can also go to serve.gov, a platform launched by President Obama, which is all about getting people more involved with stuff they’re passionate about. Once you’re there, you plug in your interests and your location, and the website does the rest.

January 21 is also Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so it’s totally perf timing to get involved with philanthropy work. While there are suggestions out there, what you do is ultimately up to you. Donate old clothing to a homeless shelter? Help out at a soup kitchen? Adopt a pet (if you’re able, of course!)? The point is that the possibilities are endless.

Kerry doesn’t say on Twitter what she’s going to do on the National Day of Service, and we gotta admit we’re really curious. But we’re even more curious about something else…what are you gonna do?

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Learn more about the White House's mission to engage more Americans in service.