Sweet Tweet: Katy Perry Wants You To Vote With Style

Photo: (Getty)

Election Day is finally here!!!! Katy Perry, who is super excited about Election Day, of course has a special outfit for it.

Yesterday, Katy Tweeted a fun idea and a little tease about her own outfit:

Katy, who’s been stumping for President Barack Obama, has worn a few Obama-inspired outfits, including a ballot dress (with Obama/Biden filled in, natch) and a dress with the prez’s “Forward” logo on it. Political fashion at its finest!

A few hours after that, Katy didn’t let us in on her outfit yet, but she did give us this adorbs Tweet and pic:

And we still can’t wait to see this awesome outfit you promised us, Katy! So how many of you guys are going to be donning fly outfits when you go out to the polls today?

If you haven’t voted yet, here’s a site to help you find your polling place. We’ve also got info if you’re in an area affected by Sandy and it makes getting to your polling place harder. The youth vote is a huge voting bloc, and one that def can make a difference if we all get out there and vote today. Obvi there’s still time to vote, and you should take advantage of it. Plus you might get a retweet from Katy which would def. be a Teenage Dream.