Sweet Tweet: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Makes the Debate Sing

Photo: (Getty)

I don’t know about you, but I watch the debates because I want to be informed, not necessarily because I find them entertaining. But some talented person on YouTube gave Wednesday’s debate a musical makeover, and it got everyone — including Joseph Gordon-Levitt — sharing it on the interwebz.

The star of “Looper” Tweeted:

Can you imagine debates in the years before YouTube and the technology to make your average words sound like a song? Bet this vid got your head rocking right along with President Obama’s and Governor Romney’s. Of course, this video is for entertainment purposes only, and you def shouldn’t decide your vote on some out-of-context lines put to a beat (no matter how good the beat is). But don’t worry — at Power of 12 we’ve got real info on Obama and Romney!

Seems Joe’s in a political mood, because he also Tweeted:

This time it’s not a funny video, but a serious one. Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington all have measures about same-sex marriage on the ballots, and this video is pushing for same-sex couples to be allowed to get married. We usually get so caught up in the prez part of the election that we forget all the other stuff states are voting on. Get to know more about the candidates below, and be sure to look into all the issues and additional items on your local ballot before you head to the polls!

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