Sweet Tweet: Joe Jonas Gives Back With Cupcakes!

Photo: (Getty)

Happy birthday, Joe Jonas! Yesterday the middle Jonas Brother turned 23, and while we imagine somebody probably gave him a cake, he also gave back by delivering cupcakes…to the hospital where he was born.

The birthday boy was getting lots of well wishes online, and he responded by Tweeting out this sweet tidbit:

Joe was born at the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center in Arizona, and he’s donated money to the place that welcomed him into the world. In fact, a couple years back he gave $10,000 for a donation, and that allowed the hospital to update its nursery. And, in gratitude, the hospital named their new and improved nursery the “Joe Jonas Nursery.” Too cute!

“I’ve never had anything like this named after me,” Joe had said at the time. So it goes both ways: Joe’s grateful to the hospital, the hospital’s grateful to Joe, and, of course, everybody loves cupcakes.

This August is a really big time for the Jonas family. For one thing, older bro Kevin’s show “Married to Jonas” is about to debut on E! this Sunday, and we can see what his life is like with wife Danielle Deleasa. (We know it’s mainly Kev’s show, but don’t be surprised if a few brothers show up in it, too.) But there’s more going on than the new series! Turns out that August 15 isn’t just special to the family because Joe was born then — it’s also his parents’ anniversary! Two holidays in one? That’s a super legit reason for cupcakes.

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Just like Joe Jonas, you can donate money to the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.