Sweet Tweet: Jennifer Lopez Talks the Political Power of Women

Photo: (Getty)

Hey, didja catch the first presidential debate last night? It is now full-blown political season, man! (Or should I say “woman”?) Jennifer Lopez knows that when women go out and vote, they can make a difference.

J. Lo Tweeted:

She includes a video where she and other powerful female figures are stumping for President Obama to be reelected. Jennifer’s part of the video, and she says, “Women will help decide this election.”

“I grew up with a strong, hardworking mom and dad and two brilliant sisters,” Jenny from the Block says, getting personal. “I learned that from an early age that when women come together, there’s nothing that we can’t do.”

Eva Longoria says she feels we’re in an era that is “trying to dismantle every gain that women’s rights have accomplished over the last thirty, forty, fifty years.” Beyoncé, our UN singing sensation, says she’s standing up for the future her daughter Blue Ivy will get.

Whether you’re a woman or not, what happens in this election will affect your life. What issues do you believe in? At Power of 12, we’ve got the deets on how Barack Obama and Mitt Romney feel about stuff that can change your life, from your health to your college loans. If you’ve got Q’s, we’ve got A’s to go with them!