Sweet Tweet: Jared Leto Wants You to Get Out & Vote

Photo: (Getty)

The third and final presidential debate happened last night (you were all watching along with me, riiight?) with President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney talking about foreign policy. Well, the time of debates has passed and it’s now exactly two weeks till election day (WTF, really?!?), and Jared Leto wants to make sure you get out and vote!

Yeah, Twitter lit up with political Tweets last night as the debate started, and those Tweets are still going strong. (Need I say that talk about “bayonets and horses” is trending with a passion and replacing “binders full of women“?) Many celebs are Tweeting their opinions, including Jared, but then he gave a general shoutout about the importance of voting:

Jared’s a busy dude (we’re still waiting for that fourth album from his band 30 Seconds to Mars!) but he’s making time to vote and wants you to do the same. Some states allow early voting, and for the rest of us, mark November 6 nice and big on your calenders. You’ve watched the debates, but it’s also important to buff up on your knowledge of the candidates: what they say, what they stand for, what they’ve done in the past and what they say they’ll do.

‘Course, we want to make it easy for you, and that’s why we’ve got Power of 12 to answer all your political questions, from where the candidates stand on issues important to you to details on how to vote. Last night, moderator Bob Schieffer ended the debate with the plea to go vote and Jared’s saying the same thing. We all are, because you’ve got the power!

You have the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with our super easy registration tool. So, no excuses. Vote like a champ.