Sweet Tweet: Eva Longoria Is All About Education For National Day Of Service

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This Saturday is National Day of Service — whatchu gonna do?! Eva Longoria has already made plans to help Latinas get a better education, so maybe you can get involved with her!

The “Desperate Housewives” star Tweeted:

But helping Latinas get a better education isn’t a one day thing for Eva — and that’s why she founded the Eva Longoria Foundation. The foundation supports programs to help Latinas do well in school and go on to college. It doesn’t just help with school, though — it also aids Latinas with career training and mentorship so they can go far in their careers, too.

Eva’s foundation points out that 15% of adult Latinas have college degrees and 27% of Latinas are currently living below the poverty line. But it sees a bright future and is there to help: 80% of Latina teens would like to have higher education, and Latina-owned businesses have been skyrocketing lately.

So does this sound like an org that would be the perf fit for you this Saturday and beyond? You’ve got lots of choices for what to do, and you can check out our 5 Ways to Take Action On MLK Day & National Day of Service for country-wide orgs. Or you can get behind One Billion Rising, the campaign MTV has partnered with to stop violence against women. You could also get involved with one of the many orgs featured in the Mozilla Firefox Challenge. What way will #youserve when you join Eva and millions of others on National Day of Service?

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Eva Longoria Foundation

Eva Longoria Foundation

Help Latinas with their education and careers!