Sweet Tweet: Christina Aguilera Wants You To Feed A Child For Free

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World Food Day is next Tuesday, and Christina Aguilera knows an excellent and quick way you can help put food in the tummy of a hungry child. You don’t even have to open up your wallet — you just watch a video and answer a quick quiz!

The “Your Body” singer Tweeted:

Xtina’s been Tweeting a fair amount about her new song “Your Body” lately, and she knows that in order to keep your body healthy (and your mind strong!), you need to get nutritious food each day. That’s why she wants you to meet Molly, a 13-year-old girl living in Kenya. Molly is adorable and hopeful but she lives in poverty.

When girls like Molly have full stomachs, they do better in school and this gives them a better shot at life. The World Food Programme supplies Molly and other kids with their school meals each day. Just last year WFP gave school meals to 25.9 million kids in 60 countries!!! Last year, Molly was given a camera to record what her life was like. In Christina’s link, you get a three-minute taste of Molly’s life (and filmmaking skills!) but to make life easier we posted it below for ya!


After you’re done watching Molly’s vid, the site asks you three questions from the video (no cheating!). Don’t worry, if you get them wrong, it’s all good. Because if you answer them, you can send a nutritious meal to Molly and other bright kids like her. The World Food Programme is hoping to use this video and quiz to get 50,000 meals sent to kids by next week. Now that’s something for Christina can give a voice to (and even Adam Levine wouldn’t roll his eyes at her for it)!

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Fight Hunger Worldwide

Fight Hunger Worldwide

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