Sweet Tweet: Carrie Ann Inaba Wants You To Join The One Billion Rising Movement

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Carrie Ann Inaba has judged “Dancing with the Stars,” and now she’s joining the dance of One Billion Rising, which is trying to end violence against women. MTV has partnered with this girl power initiative, and we hope you’ll join us February 14.

Ms. Inaba Tweeted:

The scary statistics: One out of three women is raped or beaten during her lifetime, and that makes a total of one billion. Carrie’s link takes you to a video (see below) showing you some of the awful things women face, from female genital mutilation to assault to domestic violence. But halfway through the video you see the women stand up to defend themselves and put an end to this treatment.

+ Watch “One Billion Rising.”

One Billion Rising wants you to use this February 14 as a day to start a rising. When you hear February 14, Valentine’s Day might be the first thing that pops into your head, but it’s also V-Day, a movement to end violence against women. This is actually the 15th anniversary to the first V-Day, which makes it all the more powerful.

There’s a dance edge to the One Billion Rising events, so you can stage a theatrical performance about the treatment of women, or have a dance party, or even organize a flash mob. But you can also take part in non-dancing events, like protests or marches. There might already be an event planned near you, so check it out. One Billion Rising also offers a toolkit to help you with your actions. Are you ready to rise?

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