Sweet Tweet: Ben Affleck Wants To Hang With You

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

Ben Affleck loves the Eastern Congo Initiative, Matt Damon loves Water.org, and both of them would love to hang with you in Hollywood. That’s right!

They’ve got a page on Omaze where you can support both orgs, and one lucky winner will be flown to L.A. to spend quality time with the actors.

Ben Tweeted:

In his vid, Ben talks about how lucky he’s been in his life and his career, and his desire to give back. “I got to a point where I felt like … I’m just living for myself,” he says. “I’m chasing some idea or some goal. But I didn’t know what my values were. … I was reading about the violence in Western Sudan. It said, ‘Some 300,000 deaths in Darfur are dwarfed only by the five million deaths in Central Africa.’…. Five million deaths? That’s an unimaginable number. How could this have happened?”

Ben was shocked that he and others hadn’t known about this, so he founded the Eastern Congo Initiative. The ECI puts a spotlight on these issues and also helps people in Africa through grants and advocacy. “The grants that we make are to community-based organizations,” he explains. “Congolese grassroots organizations who are addressing the most urgent needs in the Eastern Congo.”

You can see why Ben wanted to start this org and why he’s so passionate about it! Take a look at the Omaze page (time is running out!) and see if you can make a donation to help. Who knows, you might soon be rubbing shoulders with Ben and Matt!

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Support The Congo

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