Sweet Tweet: Ashley Greene + Jessica Stam Want You To Help Kids In Kenya

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How would you like to help children in need and get a (totally personalized) digital “thank you” photo from model Jessica Stam or “Gossip Girls” actress Jessica Szohr? Jessica Stam’s friend Ashley Greene knows what you need to do, and she’s sharing the deets on Twitter!

Ash Tweeted:

In Kenya, 2.6 million children are homeless, and 60% of the country exists on under a dollar a day. In order to make this situation better, Many Hopes got started in 2007, and 100% of the money they receive goes directly to the work they’re doing. They’re concentrating on helping children, believing this can be the way to stop the cycle of poverty. With shelter, love, opportunities and education, these kids can change their future.

Many Hopes is also in the process of developing several projects. They’re building their first school, which will be able to have up to 720 students, and will use curriculum from America, the United Kingdom and Kenya. They’re also working on a community water project. This is important because lack of clean water spreads diseases, and the journey to get clean water can be dangerous for kids and keep them out of school. In addition to this, Many Hopes is working on a maternal health center to help pregnant women and new mothers. In America, women dying in childbirth is rare, but in some areas of the world it’s still a common occurrence.

You don’t have to travel to Kenya like Ashley’s friend Jessica to help. You can get involved right here in the United States by donating or launching a school campaign. And if you donate, you get your choice of which Jessica sends you a digital thanks!

Photo: Jessica Stam volunteering with Many Hopes in Kenya. (Facebook)

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