Sweet Tweet: Donate Some Dollars To Win a Chance To Kick It With Alicia Keys in Brazil!


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Yesterday Twitter was going wild over the arrival of the royal baby! While countless people were congratulating Prince William and Kate Middleton over the future King of England (And not-so-subtly suggesting names like…Brandi!) Alicia Keys used Twitter to show support for kids all over the world, not just royal ones.

Alicia Tweeted:

You have Alicia on your iPhone and listen to her all the time, but did ya know the Grammy-winning singer is also the co-founder and global ambassador of Keep a Child Alive? Keep a Child Alive gives support and medical treatment to kids and families affected by HIV/AIDS in India and Africa. The fact that the org is turning the big 1-0 is a major milestone, and Alicia is hoping you’ll donate to the great cause.

On top of doing a good deed, you might also get an incredible prize. You see, donating gives you a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Rio de Janeiro. You’ll not only get to see Ms. Keys live in concert there, but you’ll get to hang with her, too! In the video below, Alicia says, “I’ve very, very passionate about Keep a Child Alive,” and all this shows just how dedicated she is to the org.

+ Watch Alicia Keys talk about the chance to hang out with her in Brazil!

We’re as psyched about the royal baby as everyone else, but it’s great to see that Alicia wants to make sure all kids get the same sort of love and support! And since new mum Kate Middleton is big on helping less fortunate children, I imagine she’d agree.

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Take 4 Minutes

Keep a Child Alive provides treatment and support to children affected by AIDS. Take a few minutes to learn how you can get involved.