Susan G. Komen for a Cure Checks Itself Before It Wrecks Itself

Photo: (Komen for the Cure, NYC)

If you wanna see a girl fight, we’d probably tell you to go watch Gina Carano kick ass in Haywire (okay, she judo chops more dudes than ladies) — but unfortunately, all you had to do yesterday was get on Twitter to watch two fierce female orgs throw down over women’s health.

It all started when the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation — the nation’s leading pink power player who blew up breast cancer awareness and advocacy with their signature color campaign — announced that they were cutting $700,000 in funding for free breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood — the go-to resource for at-risk, disadvantaged and financially strapped women looking to maintain their reproductive health.

The controversial decision had everyone from NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg to John Legend voicing their disapproval — and popular indie band The Decemberists were so ticked they straight pulled support for Komen provided by their “Team Jenny” t-shirt sales and re-directed it to Planned Parenthood’s Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Ouch.

Over in Komen’s corner, they tried to combat the social media onslaught by releasing a YouTube statement from Founder and CEO, Nancy G. Brinker. But Mother Jones made a case that Komen’s excuse for dissing PP based on its current Congressional inquiry is highly hypocritical — and possibly politically motivated —  as they continue to give dough to scandal-plagued Penn State as well as a handful of other institutions under investigation like Duke (Title IX violations). Add in the nasty retweet from Karen Handel, their conservative VP of Public Policy’s and the whole debacle has women of the cyberwebz demanding for separation of health and state.

In the end, the #StandWithPP pressure was too much for Komen to cope with and the foundation announced this morning that they would reinstate funding. Ironically, in the wake of all this breast cancer beef, donations to PP have sky-rocketed beyond the stash of cash Komen usually provides.

To give y’all a better idea of what was at stake, here’s a look at some stats from both of these life-saving lady orgs below and also, weigh in on our poll!

Susan G. Komen:

+ $93 million in grants distributed among 2,000 organizations
+ $700,000 out of Komen’s $93 million went to Planned Parenthood to finance 19 separate programs
In 2010:
+ 1,500 breast cancer patients received financial assistance
+ 625,000 peeps received breast screenings (mammograms and clinical)
+ 40,000 women received emergency financial support
+ 2.2 million people received breast cancer education
$75,407,000 spent on research, $140,773,000 on education, $46,861,000 on screenings, and $20,138,000 on treatment with total program services costing $283,179,000
+ 39,099 followers on Twitter
+ 545,336 likes on Facebook

Planned Parenthood:

+ 1 in 5 women provided with care from Planned Parenthood in America
1,596,741 total cancer screenings in 2010 — 747,607 of which were breast cancer screenings
+ 34% of services involve contraceptives, 3% involve abortions
+ 76% of their clients are at or below the poverty line
Roughly 5 million provided with sexual/reproductive healthcare and education worldwide
+ 33 million hits to their website each year
+ 236,176 likes on Facebook
+ 41,316 followers on Twitter

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