Who’s Funding All These Campaign Ads?! Super PAC App to the Rescue

Photo: (SuperPAC App)

With just days to go before the Presidential election, attention has shifted from the he-said-he-said final rounds of campaign frenzy to the highly focused storm relief efforts across the East Coast. We’re focusing on the needs of the people. We’re less consumed with the nit-pick.

Which isn’t to say we should forego nit-pickery altogether. It’s just time to streamline and get down to business! One order of business? Knowing where that last-minute campaign messaging is coming from. What teams or investors are behind these final advertisements? Who is responsible for commercials aimed to sway our vote at the finish line? We don’t have time to play detective. Thank goodness the Super PAC App has our backs.

If you remember from our Political Jargon Buster, a “Super PAC” is a type of Political Action Committee that has no limit to the amount of money raises (from corporations, unions, rich investors) to help boost a candidate’s chances of election.

Bringing “transparency within earshot,” this mobile app is a sort of Shazam for campaign ads. Just aim it at your TV, activate the app and find out immediately whose money funds which ads. This is a prime example of technology cutting through the cr*p to help keep voters informed — fairly.