Stars Stopping the Spread of AIDS: Top 5 Celebrity AIDS Activists

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In honor of World AIDS Day, we wanted to give mad props to the star power that helps fuel the ongoing fight against this devastating worldwide epidemic – so get inspired by these truly beautiful people making big moves towards an AIDS-free generation in 2015 — and get involved!

+ Bono
The U2 frontman is undoubtedly the undisputed heavyweight champion of celeb AIDS activism. The only thing more epic than his face-melting vocals has got to be his commitment to fighting this disease. Big-hearted Bono has founded two massive AIDS orgs: (RED) partners with big brands like Gap and Apple to raise cash through special pro-social products — check out their (2015)Quilt project this year — and ONE spreads awareness and promotes advocacy. The charismatic Irish singer may never take off his signature shades, but the insane media attention he brings to the cause — last year on World AIDS Day he literally turned the Sydney Opera House red and this year ONE hosted a live YouTube panel with Bill Clinton, Alicia Keys and others — has certainly kept the world’s eyes, and hearts, open. For the 33.3 million people infected worldwide, we hope he finds what he’s looking for.

Photo: Alicia Keys and Bono at President Obama’s World AIDS Day Discussion at George Washington University earlier today. (Getty Images)

+ Alicia Keys
There’s a reason why Bono called her a “lioness” at the premiere of her documentary Keep a Child Alive with Alicia Keys — which airs on Showtime tonight in celebration of World AIDS Day. The fierce diva with the golden pipes also has a serious set of do-good claws that’s she sunk into this issue: she founded Keep a Child Alive (KCA) to fund anti-retroviral therapy for AIDS victims and support orphanages for children with the disease, sung her heart out at Live 8 concerts, spoken at the UN and to mark last year’s World AIDS Day — she not only recorded a cover of Kate Bush’s “Don’t Give Up” with Bono but she also persuaded some of Twitter’s most prolific celebs (Justin Bieber, JT, Usher, Kim Kardashian, and more) to join her in digital death until KCA raised $1 million in donations. Alicia clearly rules the concrete jungle and this cause.

Photo: John Legend performs during the 14th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party. (WireImage)

+ John Legend
To combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic — we’ve already lost 30 million lives worldwide — this smooth crooner is using his timeless voice to make a difference. In 2009, Legend worked with (RED) to offer special charity seats to his Madison Square Gardens show and he also granted the AIDS Service Center NYC permission to remix his song “If You’re Out There” to create a music video promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and testing. To commemorate this year’s World AIDS Day, Legend belted out tunes in Toronto and helped raise $800,000 at a special concert benefitting amfAR, an organization dedicated to beating the disease with innovative research. And just a month ago, the private performances he auctioned off during amfAR’s 25th annual gala raised $540,000.  Yup, his name really does fit his persona, y’all.

Photo: Lady Gaga in a latex outfit at Good Morning America. (Getty Images)

+ Lady Gaga
Not surprisingly, music’s most outlandish fashionista uses her wardrobe as well as her voice to bring attention to the HIV/AIDS fight — like when she showed up on Good Morning America this February in a crazy condom suit to promote AIDS awareness. Or when the pantless pop star donned a pink onesy with Cyndi Lauper as a MAC VIVA GLAM Spokesperson in 2010 — she represented the campaign again this year — to promote her special line of lip flair supporting the MAC AIDS Fund. Lady Gaga is definitely all about using her megastar status to end the world’s bad romance with HIV/AIDS – and we love that she’s literally wearing her cause on her latex sleeve.

Photo: Scarlett Johansson helps launch the FXB Presents “6 Villages 1 Global Fight Against AIDS” Campaign. (FilmMagic)

+ Scarlett Johannson
ScarJo is more than one of Hollywood’s sexiest starlets – she’s a hands-on activist who took her famous curves halfway around the world to bring attention to the AIDS epidemic. The sultry actress traveled to Rwanda with the (RED) campaign in 2008 to visit AIDS orphanages — plus, she’s openly admitted to taking 2 HIV tests a year, which was a huge endorsement for campaigns like GYT that are constantly encouraging young people to know their health status. Act applauds Scarlett for using that perfect pout to raise AIDS awareness — and not just fanboys’ temperatures.


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