‘Teen Wolf’ Finale Means More Time For The Stars To Give Back

Can you believe the Season 3 finale of “Teen Wolf” is tonight? We still haven’t fully recovered from last week’s episode, so we don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves once the show isn’t on every Monday night!

There might be one good thing that comes with the show being off the air for a bit, however: There’s more time for our favorite “Teen Wolf” stars to give back! We’ve written about how awesome the fandom is before, but today we want to focus our spotlight on the famous faces that bring the show to life.

Here’s how your favorite ensemble makes the world a better place:

+ Tyler Posey

Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Premiere - Red Carpet
On tonight’s season finale, it’s Derek versus Stiles. In real life, however, it’s more like Tyler Posey versus the rest of the celebrity do-good crowd. I mean, does anyone give back more than this guy? Whether he’s sending Valentine’s Day flowers to inspire fans to give back, walking for cancer research or rocking a mustache for a cause, Posey is all about the positive impact. Now that he’s got a bit of a breather from howling at the moon, we’re sure we’ll see him at even more charity events!

+ Dylan O’Brien

WonderCon Anaheim 2013 - Day 2
Evil Stiles might be causing some major problems for the residents of Beacon Hills, but Dylan O’Brien is all about helping others in his daily life. He’s posed for the NOH8 campaign, and just last year he held up a strong “P” for our Spirit Day hashtag campaign. Stiles and Derek’s bromance might be strained right now, but it’s good to know O’Brien can always be counted on to be an ally IRL!

+ Crystal Reed

It’s been almost a week, but we’re still not over mourning this Allison’s death on last week’s shocking episode. If you need a break from grieving, spend some time reminding yourself about what an awesome human Reed is. She’s lent her famous face to the NOH8 campaign and she’s gives the best advice. We know Allison is going to be sorely missed, but we’re so glad Reed is still around to make the world a better place.

+ Holland Roden

"Vampire Academy" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
We’ve definitely heard Lydia’s voice raise a few octaves on “Teen Wolf” this season, but in real life, Holland Roden is all about speaking up for her favorite causes. Like Reed and O’Brien, Roden gave good face for the NOH8 campaign. The actress also uses her Twitter account to raise awareness about causes close to her heart. Remember when she made sure her fans knew how she felt about equal rights for everyone?

+ Tyler Hoechlin

"300: Rise Of An Empire" - Los Angeles Premiere
Hoechlin is pretty intimidating when he’s wolfing out, but we love that he can still spread a pro-social message when in character. The actor recently raised a paw and let all of us know that he’s a big supporter of the Love Is Louder movement. We think the fandom can put its paws up for that!

+ Charlie and Max Carver

Universal Music Group 2014 Post GRAMMY Party - Arrivals
They might not be Alphas anymore, but the Carver bros are still top dogs in our book. After all, who else could pose shirtless and give back at the same time? The Carver twins showed some skin with Posey and Hoechlin for a calendar benefitting several different charities, and we’ve been fans ever since.

+ Daniel Sharman

Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration - Arrivals
It’s hard not to love Isaac, and we feel the same about his portrayer, Daniel Sharman. When he’s not hanging out in Beacon Hills, the actor has been known to kick it for charity. He’s competed in a celebrity soccer game to raise money for the Mia Hamm Foundation, and he even got one half of the Carver twins in on the action!

No matter what happens in the season finale, just remember that the “Teen Wolf” cast will always be around to save the day in real life. Check out the action widgets below to see how you can do the same.

Photo: (MTV Press/Getty)

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