Snoop Dogg, Eva Longoria, John Legend + More Play Words With Friends For Charity

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Only one thing feels better than winning a game of Words With Friends: winning a game of Words With Friends AND $500,000! And you get to be part of the fun alongside a crowd of celebs.

Snoop Dogg Lion, Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Jonah Hill, John Legend, Eva Longoria, Edward Norton and Paul Pierce are playing in an epic tournament this week. Aside from the massive ego boost that comes from winning a game of smartphone Scrabble, the tournament winner gets a cool half mil dollars for the charity of their choosing.

Here’s where you come in: pick a celeb, join their team and earn points by playing against friends. Each celeb will walk away with a prize for their charity depending on how many points their fans earn for them — from $5,000 for 8th place, to $100,000 for 1st place. If you play at least 5 words, you’ll be entered for a chance to play… WITH YOUR CELEB!

Will Snoop dominate the game with his rap vocabulary and win the money for his youth football league? (Under his rules, words like “HEEZY” and “SHIZZLE” would be totally acceptable.) Or maybe Jonah Hill’s nerd swag will carry him to the end and help him build community gardens for kids in Harlem. The tournament ends tomorrow, October 3rd. Follow the Action Link below to keep up with the competition, donate to your favorite cause, or even join your favorite celeb’s team!

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