[PHOTOS] ‘Jersey Shore’ Gets All Political In Funny Or Die Video

Photo: (MTV)

One of my biggest career highlights? Um, kicking it at the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, NJ with Snooki, The Situation and company. All in the name of democracy. Seriously.

Photo: Vinny and JWOWW get their pat-a-cake on while filming the Funny or Die video. (Alexis Tirado)

It goes a little something like this: MTV’s election campaign Power Of 12 (formerly known as Choose or Lose) teamed up with Funny or Die to create a HILAR video skit involving the election and the “Jersey Shore” cast.

Photo: Snooks gives her roomies some real talk about the election. (Alexis Tirado)

As soon as I walked into the Jersey Shore house I was stunned. And nervous. And felt faint. A few feet away from me was THE ENTIRE CAST. Snooki stroking her baby belly, a grinning Pauly D and perfectly straight-haired Sammi. Within minutes though, their familiarity came through. Pauly D and Vinny were high fiving and making jokes about Deena while Snooks asked “There’s an election this year? Who’s running for president?” “Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger,” quipped The Situation.

Photo: The bromance that never stops: Pauly D and Vinny. (Alexis Tirado)

So what can I tell you about the skit? It has to do with the cast discussing a certain kind of GTL but it’s not gym, tanning and laundry. Snooki talking about her baby’s future! You’ll see the entire cast brawling over politics. Ronnie will reveal a new “book” he’s penned. Most importantly though, the skit is about the fact that 45 million young people are eligible to vote, come November. True story. The video will premiere later on this summer, and you can be the first to find out when by following @MTVPowerOf12 on Twitter.

Photo: The cast filming a scene. Look how well-mannered Vinny is! (Alexis Tirado)

On the day I visited the house, it was the cast’s last day before they headed home so I had to ask what’s in store for season 6 and of course, the rest of the summer. The Situation told me that he thinks that season 6 is one of the best seasons yet. He wouldn’t say why though, such a coy boy!

I asked Pauly D. what he plans on doing as soon as get gets home to Johnston, Rhode Island. He told me riding his bike and DJing. What about Sitch? He told me he has a new puppy, an English Golden Retriever named Moses and he can’t wait to ride in his ‘ghini (that’s short for Lamborghini) with pup in tow. Sounds like a perfect photo for a Jersey Shore calendar or something.

Photo: If Pauly D has his arm around me that means he loves me. Right?  And that’s Deena napping next to us. (Jason Rzepka)

So the cast was awesome. The video is going to be so good. And because I’m such a JS fanatic I went into paparazzi mode at the video shoot and took photos. Enjoy the rest of the photos below and don’t forget to watch the Funny and Die skit when it comes out and um, hello, vote come November. XOXO

Photo: I totally forgot what they were all LOL’ing about. Sorry. (Alexis Tirado)

Photo: Why so angry Ronnie?! Oh wait, he’s just acting in the skit. (Alexis Tirado)

Photo: Haha. Looks like Ronnie is in an infomercial! (Alexis Tirado)

Photo: The cast goes H.A.M. over politics. (Alexis Tirado)

Photo: Vinny and JWOWW share a secret smile. (Alexis Tirado)

Photo: I can watch Pauly D flex all day looooong. (Alexis Tirado)

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