We’re Celebrating Singles Awareness Day by Playing Celebrity Matchmaker!

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Valentine’s Day may be filled with a lot of love, chocolates, and bundles of flowers, but not for all — for some it’s also known best as Singles Awareness Day (SAD). Singles as in me, but also Drake, Britney Spears, James Franco, Kelly Rowland, and the list of hot and eligible A-listers goes on and onnnn. So, we thought what better way to celebrate SAD than playing matchmaker with a few of them!

+ Josh Hutcherson & Selena Gomez


Oh my, can you imagine how cute these two would be together? Something’s rumored to be up between the two when they were spotted together back in January, but on top of that they’re both leaders when it comes to advocating for human rights. Selena is a huge supporter of UNICEF and the “Hunger Games” stud is a huge LGBT ally working alongside Straight But Not Narrow.

+ Hayley Williams & Ed Sheeran


Paramore‘s Hayley Williams and Ed Sheeran share something in common that’s not as obvious as the red hair: fighting human trafficking. Hayley and her band have supported Love146 and said about her experience, “All I wanted to do was hang out with these girls who had once been forgotten. I wanted to tell them how they were actually heroes. It changed my life to see these stories that I’d heard for so long come to life.” Back in England, Ed has even volunteered in shelters hearing firsthand the stories of sex trafficking victims.

+ Trey Songz & Kelly Rowland


Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland united on the cover of Ebony‘s “Sexy Issue 2012″ looking smokin’ hot, and recently brought the sexy together again in Trey’s music video for “Heart Attack.” Who knows — maybe their on-screen romance will turn into a real life romance? They both have a common interest in youth advocacy, and have launched their own initiatives. Kelly provides girl empowerment resources through “I Heart My Girlfriends” while Trey launched “Angels With Heart Foundation” to rally his fans to give back. So pretty much, these two just need to date already! We would love to see that happen.

+  Leo Dicaprio & Ke$ha


Leo DiCaprio loves animals, so why not breakout his wild side and go for the ultimate animal, Ke$ha?! Rawrrr. They both share their love for animals and humanity, too. Ke$ha has rallied support to save baby seals and challenged the status quo regarding human sexuality, while Leo has used his platform to save tigers and support marriage equality. However, Leo, we do suggest growing out the beard again. You know how Ke$ha is.

+ Britney Spears & Drake


Britney and Drake both grew up as child stars before hitting the top of the charts — Brit appeared in Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club” and Drake in “Degrassi.” They even both jumped into the charity world by performing charity songs. Brit performed “What More Can I Give” alongside Michael Jackson honoring victims of the 9/11 attacks, and Drake joined in on the recording of “Wavin’ Flag” to benefit Haiti relief.

+ Chris Colfer & Paul Iacono


Chris Colfer and Paul Iacono both hit the TV screen in shows about the high school experience, aaaand were just named to OUT.com’s Top 100 Most Eligible Bachelors list. We could totally see Chris and Paul working with The Trevor Project — as Chris has done before — connecting students with resources currently going through hard times in high school. (See what we did there?) Or with the Humane Society — as Paul has done before — protecting seals from landing on plates during dinner dates.

+ James Franco & Emma Watson


Jamma (aka James Franco and Emma Watson) are young, really talented and really, really educated. Forget homeschooling — these two have turned into ivy leaguers! Education is def a priority for them with Emma attending Brown University, and James attending UCLA, Columbia University, and NYU…among others.

Which of the above couples would you like to see celebrating each other next Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us.

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