4 Guests Vinny Guadagnino Should Invite Over For Dinner On ‘The Show With Vinny’

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Vinny Guadagnino is getting ready to talk that talk after six seasons of “Jersey Shore,” as he heads back to mom’s place to film his own… wait for it… wait… TALK SHOW! We all know how hilar Vinny’s family can be and they are going to be a big part of the show. Uncle Nino and mom’s cooking will indeed make cameos!

The Show With Vinny” will take celebrities out of their norm environment and into the Staten Island home of Vinny’s fam for a delicious dinner and chat. The recent announcement got us thinking…whose limo is going to be pulling up to The Guadagninos!? Here’s my wish list:

Selena Gomez (as seen on CNN)

Since Vinny once tried to meet Selena Gomez — UNICEF‘s youngest ambassador — at the MTV Video Music Awards, we think it would be a must for her to make an appearance on his show. She’s newly single, and they both make time for the stuff they love most — like giving back. Today, she is helping bring the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to Dallas.

DJ Pauly D (as seen on “Good Morning America”)

Even though Pauly D has met Vinny’s fam already, it’s a must that we see a fellow “Jersey Shore” member appear on the show, right?! Lately, these two have been working hard to help restore the shore and having them back on television together to debrief on all their action-taking is a must.

Demi Lovato (as seen on “Katie”)

Demi and Vinny have both been very open about personal issues. Vinny sparked a national dialogue on anxiety after writing his first book “Control The Crazy“, while Demi spearheaded a very powerful conversation by opening up about her struggles with body image and bullying. (Proud of you both!) After all they’ve gone through, maybe Vinny and Dem can have a healthy vent session with the fam and help them clear their minds.

Deepak Chopra (as seen on YouTube)

Vinny  has been called “the Deepak Chopra of Staten Island” and even sat down with Deepak in a recent one on one interview. We’d love to see him turn the tables! Chopra and Vinny could revisit their conversation and perhaps take part in some post dinner meditation?

Who you would like to see appear on Vinny’s new show? Let us know in the comments below.

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