Selfless Snaps: Zach Braff Helps a Fan Pop the Big Question

Photo: (Youtube)

Photo: (Youtube)

It takes a lot of time for people  to work up the nerve to propose to their significant others. So it’s no surprise some guys love to get some help from their favorite celebrities. In this super-cute video, actor Zach Braff steps up and helps a fan propose to the love of his life.

When Janice sits down at her computer, she has no idea what her now-fiancé Matt Hulbert has planned for her. When “Scrubs” star Zach Braff appears on screen, she looks even more confused. Zach introduces himself to Janice and explains that he’s doing a solid for Matt, who is an aspiring rock star, and that he hopes the video persuades her to say yes. Throughout the video, a song Matt wrote is playing in the background, which adds to the cuteness factor!

+ Watch Zach Braff Help a Fan Propose to His Girlfriend.

The video is a tear-jerker, so make sure you have tissues on hand! You’ll see Janice’s family, friends and pets — cue the “Awwws!” — urge her to “Say yes” to Matt’s question. At the end of the video, Braff quotes one of the great philosophers of our time, Beyoncé, and tells Matt that he’s right to “put a ring on it.” Thankfully, Janice is so moved by the video, she tearfully accepts his proposal!

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