Selfless Snaps: Lance Bass Wants You To Join Him In Changing History


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October is LGBTQ History Month, and the month isn’t over yet! Lance Bass has teamed up with the Love is Changing History Project, which helps fund the Trevor Project.

Lance, who rocked it out at the VMAs, Tweeted:

Lance has even made a special vid for the project, which explains what’s going on:

+ Watch Lance Bass Discuss Love Is Changing History.


Basically, if you share the project through Facebook and/or Twitter or share an inspiring story to the project, AT&T will donate to the Trevor Project. Each share or submission earns a dollar.

The part about submitting stories is especially cool. When all is said and done, submissions are gonna get archived at the Library of Congress, one of the most prestigious and famous libraries out there. And in terms of social media, you can do one share on FB and one share on Twitter, so the most you’ll personally be able to raise through this is $3 (story + FB + Twitter). But that’s nothing to scoff at. Because if enough people raise $3 (without even opening their wallet!!) that will end up being a pretty penny (up to $100,000, to be exact). And when you share on social media, it also lets your friends know, and then they might get involved.

Even though LGBTQ History Month ends today, this project is going on till November 11. And Lance sounds pretty excited of what we can accomplish through this project. “We’re living in one of the most historic times for LGBT Americans, and I think it’s about time we celebrate,” he said.

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