Selfless Snaps: JWOWW Falls In Love With A Really Cute Rescued Dog


JWOWW’s got some puppy looooooooove!

JWOWW’s BFF Joey just got a new member in his family — a lil’ Chihuahua named Mervin! And JWOWW, who already loves her own doggies Bella and Noel, has fallen in love with this little guy, too.

Jenni shared an image of Mervin on Instagram, writing, “My BFF @jowayyy not only works for the ASPCA but adopted @mervinthechihuahua today! I am so in love with this dog!!!! And Joey is the best for being so good to animals. Love u”.



If you wanna get yourself your own little dog (or a dog of any size), there are plenty of  super-cute dogs like Mervin who need forever homes. JWOWW’s friend Joey works for the ASPCA, and it’s a great org to get involved with if you want to help puppies. Because who doesn’t want to help puppies!


GUYS. I CAN’T with this dog.

You can get involved with the ASPCA like Joey by working for them, or you can volunteer, donate or just take part in various action items the group offers. Plus, if you ever spot an animal being abused, you should report this to the ASPCA so they can do something about it.


One more photo of Mervin!

Annnnd … what’s this whole idea of getting a lil’ Mervin of your own? There are always dogs and cats ready to be adopted, so if you want to bring home a pet, first just make sure you have what you need to take care of it, like the proper shelter, funds and time to spend with your new pal. The ASPCA has dogs you can adopt and so does your nearest shelter.

Photos: (Getty, Instagram — jennijwowwmtv and jowayyy )

take action

Adopt an ASPCA dog!

Adopt an ASPCA dog!

Check out adoptable dogs from the ASPCA!

take action

Support ASPCA

Support ASPCA

Support the ASPCA and help advocate on behalf of animals.