Selfless Snaps: Download U2’s Song For Free, Help Fight AIDS

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

If you had your eyes on Twitter yesterday, you might have noticed something trending among celebs. No, I’m not talking Super Bowl Tweets — though those were pretty popular — I’m talking ’bout Tweets for a new U2 song that supports (RED)’s fight against AIDS.

Of course U2 Tweeted about it, and they shared this neat pic:

But U2 def wasn’t the only one talking about this important development. Kelly Osbourne Tweeted:

AnnaLynne McCord, who was also Tweeting about the realities of human trafficking during the Super Bowl, Tweeted:

Coldplay Tweeted about it, too:

Harry Shum Jr also got in on the Tweeting action:

Even Oprah Tweeted about it . . . and how glad she is for the activism done by U2’s Bono:

You heard it, folks. You can seriously download U2’s song “Invisible” from iTunes for FREE and have a dollar donated to fight AIDS. Bank of America is doing the donating. The catch is that the whole “get for free, donate money” thing is only happening February 2 and 3, so you’ve gotta jump on this now! Also keep in mind that you can only download once for each iTunes account, so it’s not like you can keep downloading and downloading and have that up add.

What could make it add up is spreading awareness of this awesome opportunity. You can follow celebrities’ lead and share on social media, or you can just tell people in person. Either way, let’s make certain this offer isn’t “Invisible”!

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Get Involved With (RED)

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