Selfless Snaps: America Ferrera Brings Cesar Chavez’s Story To Life


Today a powerful movie about Cesar Chavez (played by Michael Peña) is being released, and America Ferrera, who plays Chavez’s wife in the film, is excited to see it come out and you will be, too. We swear.

America Tweeted:

+ Watch the trailer for “Cesar Chavez.”

According to the film’s website,”Cesar Chavez” is “the first major motion picture depicting the accomplishments of a Mexican-American icon in the United States.” NBD. And who exactly is Cesar Chavez?


Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez was a civil rights activist who used nonviolence as a way to bring about change. At a young age he saw the difficulties and mistreatment going on in the lives of many migrant workers. Later he worked as a community organizer, and in 1962 he founded the National Farm Workers Association with Dolores Huerta. This later merged with another union and became the United Farm Workers.

With Chavez in charge of the United Farm Workers, he made sure workers got their rights. The Chavez Foundation lists some of the rights workers got thanks to the dedication of Chavez and other activists. These rights include:

“The first union contracts requiring rest periods, toilets in the fields, clean drinking water, hand washing facilities, banning discrimination in employment and sexual harassment of women workers, requiring protective clothing against pesticide exposure, prohibiting pesticide spraying while workers are in the fields and outlawing DDT and other dangerous pesticides (years before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency acted).”

These are many things people take for granted today, but it takes activists to make these things happen. Chavez has been called a hero more than once. So, to everyone reading this sentence: Please go see a movie this weekend about a real-life superhero.


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