‘Scrubbing In’ Premiere Proves That DUIs Are More Drama Than You Think

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

By McKenna Ronquillo

On last night’s series premiere of “Scrubbing In” (Thursdays, 10/9c) traveling nurses Heather and Fernando don’t get to “scrub in” after all.

After being sent home on their first day, they both reveal why their California nursing licenses may still be pending — they each have a DUI arrest on their record. “Everybody makes mistakes. You learn from it and I would never do that again,” Heather said while coming clean to Fernando about her DUI. “I’m still paying for it.”


Photo: Heather and Fernando learn the painful consequences of their DUI’s. (MTV)

A major bummer for these two nurses, for sure, but something that happens all too often. In the United States, 900,000 people are arrested each year for DUI/DWI. Sadly, nearly 12,000 people die every year in DUI-related accidents. Read on to find out how a DUI conviction can create more drama than you thought.

+ License

Going on a date? You can forget about picking him or her up. In California, if you’re under 21 you lose your driver’s license for one year. The consequences of a DUI vary by state, you can learn about the penalties in your state here.

+ Relationships

We bet your friends, family and partner never considered a career in taxi driving before, but that’s exactly what they’ll be doing after your DUI conviction. Not being able to drive can create a strain on all of your relationships. Or at least make your BFF give you the side eye as she picks you up from Starbucks.

+ Education

Have you dreamed about becoming the next Elle Woods? While every college has different policies on DUI convictions, consequences can include: loss of scholarship and financial aid, loss of student housing, enrollment suspension and denied admission. A real-life Halloween nightmare like no other.

+ Career

Nurse, lawyer, teacher — you name it — most job applications will ask you to disclose convictions like a DUI, and certain employers may dismiss your application based on your DUI alone. So you’ll most definitely be feeling Fernando and Heather’s pain.

+ Lives

27 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes each day. Nuff’ said.

Watch the series premiere of “Scrubbing In” below and tune in next Thursday at 10/9c to see if Heather and Fernando get a second chance.

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