Ryan Lochte Is Bringing Water To The Ladies

Photo: (Getty)

Let’s be honest, many of us want a piece of Ryan Lochte! Right? Even “SNL” is all up ons. And now is your chance for some of that Olympic gold! The guy with the greatest half-smile ever is bringing water to those in need by donating his colorful shades and participating in a PSA for charity!

Lochte tweeted to his Lochtenators (yeah, I just wrote that) this generous message:

Check out RyanLochte.com for an array of glasses that cost $15. They come in red, white and blue combos with hilar messages like “Reezy Jeah!” or “Lochte 2012.” I MEAN if you know of a really cute Lochte-lookalike (JEALOUS) this could be the start to a killer Halloween costume.

As Ry mentioned, proceeds will go to Water For People’s Time Well Spent: 2 Million Challenge campaign. The campaign is aiming to bring clean water to women and girls who need it. Many females in third world counties walk four hours to get clean water! The campaign is hoping to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS that will be matched by another ONE MILLION that generous donors have put forward. Jeah! If you donate directly to the campaign too you have a chance to win signed water bottles, USA swim caps, and Speedos from Ryan. If only he was in those Speedos. OK, I’ll stop it.

Ryan clearly knows a lot about water, and has spent plenty of time in it, but too many people in developing countries consider a simple glass of  clean water a luxury. 6,000 people die daily from water-related illnesses, and sadly most of these deaths are young children. And as we mentioned earlier, women and girls walk four hours daily just gathering water!

Ryan also recently teamed up with fellow Olympian Conor Dwyer for a Water For People PSA that makes you think. The guys talk about all they do in four hours — from boxing and swimming to watching the news and Facebooking. What is four hours to you? Watch below.

“Give women and girls time to do things they love,” said Ryan. We couldn’t agree with him more. So pick up a pair of his shades or donate directly to the campaign by taking action below.