Rock the Vote Bus Tour Kicks Off with Jack Johnson, Motion City Soundtrack & More!

Photo: (Rock The Vote)

The wheels on the Rock the Vote bus go ‘round and ‘round, ‘round and ‘round cuz the #RTVRoadTrip is coming to your town! With Jack Johnson, Motion City Soundtrack, and Asher Roth grabbing the cool kid seats, you better git ready to hop on this political party bus while you can!

It kicks off at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on August 28th and then chugs up the coast to bring awesome live music (and even some celeb cameos!), voter registration, election information, free stuff, and really rad interactive activations (like playing with apps and video confessional booths) at each stop. Once it reaches Penn State, Jack Johnson will celebrate freedom with his feel-good surfer tunes along with G. Love and ALO. Man, that is one helluva  #USAJAM!

Photo: (Rock The Vote)

But the real star of this campaign is the super-slick RTV bus. Street artist Mr. Brainwash of “Exit Through the Gift Shop” fame designed its edgy American exterior. The interior is decked out with laptop kiosks  bringing the voter reg process to your fingertips. Plus, while you’re plugged in to their democracy caravan, you can get educated on voter ID requirements, polling locations and more. And a carnival atmosphere outside the bus will be going down with all of RTV’s street teams, partner orgs, participating artists and celebs doing their part to pump up your election kicks.

We’re part of the 45 million American Millenials who could take control of this election if we choose to exercise our power — and politicians know #wewill pack a big punch at the polls, so let’s show DC we mean business! Check out MTV’s Voter Self-Defense Guide to make sure your voice is heard. And if you’re lucky enough to see the #RTVRoadTRip roll into your hood — save a seat for us, mmkkkaaay?!