Rihanna, Ke$ha And Other Moonman-Worthy Music Videos With A Message

Photo: Rihanna, Jared Leto, Ke$ha (Getty Images)

Last week MTV announced the first-ever Best Video With A Message category. Six videos made the official list of nominees, but like, there were DOZENS of good ones!!! Let’s take a minute to review the message-filled year that was 2010/2011, shall we?

Oh, and before we do, we’d also like to let you know–we’re listening. You’ve tweeted, you’ve emailed–we feel ya. Can’t we just have 17 nominees?!!

One fan emailed, “The band and woman Otep Shamaya since the start has always stood for activism. All of her music videos have a ‘message,'” citing the working class people of America, Darfur, gay rights and self-acceptance as issues in Otep’s videos. Tweets also flowed in for Ke$ha, Rihanna and 30 Seconds To Mars. Serious question though–where are all the Beliebers at? No tweets or emails, and even WE were wondering about his video for “Pray.”

Needless to say, the music world deserves this category. Nowww, let’s go back and review the year. Pick your favorite in the poll at the end of this post, and let us know in the comments which other videos with a message you enjoyed this past year!

2010/11 music videos with a message:

+ Atmosphere “Last to Say” (VideoTake Action)
Atmosphere illustrates the cycle of domestic abuse and its lifelong effects.

+ Beyonce “Run the World (Girls)” (Take Action)
Beyonce once again delivers an anthem for the females, and stands up to an army of men.

+ Jessie J “Pricetag” (Take Action)
Forget about money and materialism, self-worth is what’s most important.

+ Justin Bieber “Pray” (Take Action)
Reflecting on global issues, Bieber helps spread acts of kindness around the world.

+ Ke$ha “We R Who We R”(VideoTake Action)
The message is simple: We are who we are and no need to care what anyone else thinks.

+ Nicki Minaj “Moment 4 Life” (Take Action)
Dreams do come true! Nicki turns strife into the moment of her life.

+ Rihanna “Man Down” (Take Action)
Rihanna sends a message about sexual assault and how reacting violently is not the answer.

+ 30 Seconds To Mars “This Is War” (VideoTake Action)
War tears the world apart as 30 Seconds To Mars makes a case for peace not bombs.


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