Republican Hunks & Their Celeb Lookalikes!

Photos: (Getty)

All this Republican revelry got us fired up, so we collected the finest GOP guys AND matched ‘em up with their celeb lookalikes! Basically, it’s like we’re casting “The Expendables 3″ for the Republican Party, but instead of loading the babe boat with every action actor ever, we’re picking Hollywood hunks who are totes twinsies with these smokin’ hot politicos who look good in all the right ways. (Get it?!)

The men of #RNC2012 certainly kept it interesting  — did y’all catch Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood talking smack to “Invisible Obama” before Mitt Romney’s big speech last night? Or Veep pick Paul Ryan going H.A.M. for the GOP? But just because the convention’s ovah doesn’t mean the conservative eye candy has to stop, so start scrolling and get ready to crush hard…

+ Paul Ryan = Matthew Morrison 

Photo: (Getty)

For serious, Mr. Schu is a total double-take for Mitt’s sidekick. The Wisconsin Congressman definitely wants to take the country in a new direction if his ticket wins in November, so we’re loving this dude-et.

+ Marco Rubio = Jimmy Kimmel

Photo: (Getty)

Look at those matching adorbs smiles, y’all! The Florida Senator is the GOP’s unoffish Latino leader and Kimmel is one of America’s top late-night funnymen — both plenty of reason to be all smiles.

+ Aaron Schock = David Boreanaz

Photo: (Men’s Health, TV Guide)

The 31-year-old Illinois State Representative is into policy…and P90X. That’s how he landed on the cover of Men’s Health as DC’s most ripped AND why he can totally hang with the hotness that is 0ur fave “Bones” babe.

+ Max Engling = Robert Pattinson

Photo: (Tres Sugar, Getty)

This former model turned GOP staffer clearly had the political chops to make the transition from “House of Style” to House of Representatives — and he has the luscious locks to compete with the supernaturally messy ‘do that made R.Patz the world’s sexiest immortal. And at 25, Max is the youngest GOP hottie to make this list. #TeamMax

+ Tim Torres = Gael Garcia Bernal

Photo: (Tres Sugar, Getty)

He’s the 29-year-old IT Director for the House of Reps — but with that dreamy hazel gaze, he’s totally booting up our hearts. You know who else has peepers that make us swoon? Gorgeous Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

+ Young Scott Brown = Young Tom Cruise

Photo: (, Geffen Pictures)

You can’t make this stuff up. Silver fox Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was once a Cosmo centerfold. For serious. And when we saw his old school shirtless shots, we immediately thought of another 80s hunk whose risky business made him an instant classic: the randy and Ray-Ban’d Tom Cruise!

All these political hotties got you turned on to the election? GOOD. Because YOU have the power to decide the outcome of the 2012 Election. Register to vote with our super easy registration tool. So, no excuses. Vote like a champ.