Help Skrillex + Diplo Rebuild One Block in NYC’s Far Rockaways Affected By Sandy

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It’s been a little over a month since Hurricane Sandy hit, and there’s still lots to be done. While the MTV fam continues to raise money for Sandy relief with “Restore the Shore,” Skrillex and Diplo are pitching in through the campaign “Rebuild One Block” aimed at helping first responders affected by the superstorm.

The funds raised by “Restore the Shore” went to Architecture for Humanity, which is also the group behind this latest campaign. Their campaign is a two-pronged effort. 40% of the money earned will go to get shelter up for the cold winter months. The other 60% of the funds will go to rebuilding a block of homes in Far Rockaway for first responders. Far Rockaway is a neighborhood in the NYC borough of Queens that was especially hard hit by the storm.

“During Sandy the entire street was flooded by 6 feet and a fire broke out, devastating homes,” said Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of AOH. “As the waters rose, the local school building caught fire. Embers leaped from home to home destroying half the block including its keystone structure, the Harbor Light Pub (known locally as the ‘Rockaway Cheers’). The restaurant owner Bernie Heeran gave me a personal tour of the devastation and his conviction to rebuild his business and home.”

Unfortunately, that’s not the only bad thing that’s happened there. Seven people from this particular block died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Weeks later, the community was impacted by a plane crash on the block. But Architecture for Humanity is helping bring some renewed strength. They will work with the first responders and their families in designing how the houses will look. If you want to help give this block a break and get first responders’ new homes, you can help fund the campaign on indiegogo by taking action below.

There are different suggested amounts you can give, including one dollar if that’s what you’re able to spare. Once donations get to $150, there are also perks (besides good karma, I mean). And heck, knowing that you’re working with Skrillex and Diplo is its own reward!

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Learn More About AFH

Learn More About AFH

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