[INTERVIEW] Rebecca Black On Prom & A Very Special Accesory Of Hers

Photo: (MTV)

Okaaay, sure, we’re posting the first exclusive clip of “Act’n Up with Rebecca Black” on a Friday — but we swear that’s just a coincidence. Because this 14-year-old viral singing sensation is moving on to bigger and better days with her new single “Sing It!”

I met Rebecca at Ron Robinson | Fred Segal in Los Angeles to dish about her latest tune because it’s PROM SEASON, people — so DUH, we needed a legit setting to play dress up. We invented a really unique theme (you’re welcome, prom committees), but don’t get it twisted, the bubbly Miss Black kept us on the Act track by revealing how she’d pay it forward by rocking a Giving Key on the big night. Check it out, yo — and stay tuned for Part II of our interview so you can find out how this mega meme maker handles haters, plus there’s a very special and super silly clip that’s gonna land on our FB page soon!

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Give a Key!

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