Raise Your Glass: Pink Is Ready To Adopt … A Horse!

P!NK In Concert - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Raise your glass! Five years ago P!nk appeared on a PETA billboard in NYC to bring awareness about the inhumanity of horse-drawn carriages in the city. Her voice and thousands of others (including those of Lea Michele and Zendaya) have been heard.


P!nk’s billboard in 2008 near the MTV offices in NYC.

Writing a blog post for PETA, P!nk praised NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for his work to phase out horse-drawn carriages. And she already has horse adoption plans!

Explaining why this issue matters to her, the singer wrote, “I grew up caring for horses and mucking stalls for my aunt, who owns a horse farm in North Carolina. I learned that horses are very social herd animals who, by nature, spend their days grazing, playing, and running together. Sadly, the 220 horses in New York City in the carriage industry endure a miserable, solitary life, forced to navigate through midtown traffic in all weather extremes pulling heavy loads of tourists.”

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Kinda random, but how cute are these horses in the U.K.?

There have been a few concerns about ending horse-drawn carriages in New York. For one, what will happen to the horses if they can’t find new homes? If they go from the carriage business to the slaughterhouse, can we really say we helped them? People who keep roofs over their heads by working in this business are also worried about being unable to take care of themselves.

“Luckily for everyone, Mayor de Blasio has found a win-win solution for all,” P!nk wrote. “His plan to phase out the inhumane horse carriages and replace them with vintage electric cars will provide solid jobs for the current carriage drivers and loving homes for the horses.”

P!nk has offered to adopt and give a horse a new forever home: “When they are finally freed, I will be among the first to adopt one of these horses so that he or she can live as nature intended.”

Photo: Getty, PETA

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