5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Suck Less For Everyone Else

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June is here, which means it’s WEDDING SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #pRiNcEsDrEsS!

If and when you ever decide to get married, there will be plenty of planning to do. And if you’re extra-passionate about pro-social causes, here are a few suggestions to make your wedding memorable — and so much more fun and inclusive for your friends, who are spending big bucks and time to celebrate you.

+ Give to Charities

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Perhaps instead of giving gifts, you can invite your guests to give to charities instead. If you need guests to give you important things like household items but still want to give back, maybe you could make a compromise where they give equal amounts on a gift and to charity. A new vacuum and a donation to your fave charity? One really solid idea is to give to a marriage equality campaign, so you can help make sure every American can enjoy the same rights as you.

+ No More Sexism

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Some old wedding traditions (like the father of the bride walking down the aisle to “give” the bride away to the groom — ugh) have sexist roots. You might want to rewrite these things to the point where you’re comfortable. You might also want to change the language of a traditional wedding ceremony — there is something about “Man and Wife” that just doesn’t sit well with us.

+ Environmentally Friendly

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Want an environmentally friendly wedding? You could make the point of buying recyclable products for the wedding, plus recycle what you can afterward. You don’t have to go so far as to recycle your dress or tux into new garments, but you catch my drift.

+ Meal Plan

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Another way to go pro-social is what you decide to feed your guests. It might interest you to only serve vegetarian or vegan foods, or maybe you’d like to go totally organic. After all, weddings aren’t just about the white cakes.

+ Buy Local

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It’s up to you where you plan your wedding, but if you choose to do it locally and buy everything from local stores, that’s def a great way to help the local economy! You can share your joy with the people who live right around you.

Weddings can be personally tailored for each couple, so what sort of pro-social ideas appeal to you?

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